Thursday, July 10, 2014

Google Cardboard Brings Virtual reality to your smartphone!

The idea of virtual reality on a smartphone may sound crazy but not until Google announced the so called Google cardboard which brings VR to your smartphone in a very cheap way. Using your smart phone, special lenses and cardboard you can make your own VR device.

The concept of google cardboard is so simple that you can make it on your own a home. Just click here and see how its made!

Cardboard itself uses a pair of biconvex lenses (these prevent distortion around the edges), along with some regular household items, including magnets, velcro, a rubber band and an optional NFC tag. The magnets are one of Cardboard’s key components, and Google has found an ingenious way to implement them with the enclosure. They’re basically there to “click” inside of demos; when you pull and release the ring, your phone’s magnetometer detects changes in the magnetic field, thus allowing you to navigate the Cardboard app.

The app also uses your phone’s sensors to let you look around whichever demo you’re in. So if you’re using Windy Day, you can look around as if you were in a forest. For YouTube, Google puts the most popular videos around you in tiles; you just look around at the one you want, and then pull down the little ring on the side.

Cardboard is still very early in development but its a very nice little gadget to play around with!

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