Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iPad 3 launch rumored for Steve Jobs' Feb 24 birthday

With Christmas today comes the

gift of another iPad 3 rumor, this

one relating to the unannounced

tablet’s release date. It’s

February 24, the same day as

Steve Jobs‘ birthday. At least

according to unnamed sources

“close to Taiwanese makers in

the iPad 3 supply chain”

speaking to Chinese-language

newspaper Economic Daily News

(via Focus Taiwan ). It’s not clear

if the date refers to a product

launch or an announcement,

though 9to5mac notes that

Apple traditionally launches new

products on Fridays, as February

24 is.

The sources say that employees

at a number of companies

known or believed to be working

on the iPad 3 have been told to

expect a heavy workload around

the Lunar New Year. Apple

manufacturer Foxconn

reportedly isn’t allowing

employees to take any more

than five days off during the

holiday. The word is that the

iPad 3′s initial shipment “could

exceed 4 million units.”

Remember that this is all rumor

for now, and will likely stay that

way until early next year. Even if

there weren’t hard evidence to

support it, there would be little

doubt that a third iPad is coming

soon. Apple is a company that

likes sticking to a script, and the

script clearly pegs another tablet

announcement/launch for the

start of the year. Yes, the iPhone

4S launch was shuffled just this

year from the usual summer

release to the fall. My money’s

still on early ’12 for the next iPad


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

UnlockRoot is your Massive Root Resource

"Rooting an Android phone used to

be an esoteric practice reserved only

for the tech-savvy . Those days are

long gone. With Android gaining more

world-wide popularity, users of

Android devices have also learned the

tricks of the trade."

Looking to liberate an Android device?

Then check out UnlockRoot - which

promises to root dozens of different


Check it from here

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Friday, January 6, 2012

The new toshiba thrive 7

"Indeed, the Thrive 7" looks near-identical, and even packs the same  Tegra 2 chip, 16GB of storage and vanilla take on Honeycomb. Still, it  brings an LED flash, keeps its big brother's 1280 x 800 display and  costs less than the original did when it first came out."

There were a few things I liked about the 10" version of the Thrive.  For one thing it had a full size SD slot, as well as full size USB and HDMI ports!  It also had a mini-USB (oddly not micro-USB) and a Toshiba developed "Resolution+" technology for scaling phone apps and making them look decent on a tablet.  The Thrive 7" drops the full size ports as you may expect but it does keep the Resolution+ and the 1280x800 screen - which gives it a high dpi for a tablet of 216.  Unfortunately it sounds like performance isn't very good, the screen isn't great, and battery life is poor for a current tablet.  Still, depending on your needs this could be the right tablet for you.  Check out the full review for the details.

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Nokia lumia 900

PocketNow is reporting the Nokia phone destined for AT&T, previously known as codename Eloko, is in fact the Lumia 900 "Ace." The Lumia 900 will ship with Mango and come with a 4.3 inch WVGA screen, 512MB of RAM, 8MP camera and AWS band. Although the AWS band will most likely be locked out by AT&T. Full specs are expected to be made available during CES.

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HTC HD8 hides out in Romania, Windows Phone app spills the beans

Somewhere out there in Romania is an HD8. Or at least it seems that way, according to recent device statistics captured on the Windows Phone app, "...I'm a WP7!" A report over on WPCentral pegs the rumoured HTC phone as running Build 7740 -- which we've seen hit the Radar 4G and HD7 -- on Vodafone's network and could very possibly launch with Microsoft's next mobile platform Apollo on board. If this latest bit of mobile gossip pans out, it'd be a welcome addition to the growing stable of WP devices and a long overdue refresh for the HD line.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Samsung's attempted iPhone 4S block in Italy denied, already missed its French connection

Last October, Samsung made a new attack in its ongoing patent war with Apple, filing motions to block sales of the iPhone 4S in both France and Italy, alleging infringements of patents relating to WCDMA standards for 3G-enabled devices. About a month ago the French motion was denied and now we're learning that an Judge Marina Tavassi of the Italian Tribunale di Milano has said "negato" as well. What's next? We hear Brazil is lovely this time of year...